Mini-rants of the week

A few little things that got me ranting this week.

The categorization requirement: The insatiable need for things to be black, white or grey. For example, if a woman is happy to be single and not actively look for a boyfriend, she is apparently gay. Either that, or she has never harboured dreams of getting married and so is not working towards it. And if somehow, there is some sign of her having an inclination towards getting married, but still not interested enough to go on dates, or is perfectly happy to let things take a natural course; then she is most certainly pretending to be a modern woman interested in developing a career. Oh, or probably has a secret boyfriend whom no one will approve of and hence the facade of having a career and the demand for privacy.


The need to justify leisure: You bought yourself a new t-shirt? Cool. I do not need to hear how you have been wearing your other five t-shirts for more than a hundred years and hence needed to buy a new one now. It’s none of my business how many t-shirts you own and whether or not you bought a new one because all your other clothes were worn out or just because it looked nice. Oh and heaven forbid if it turns out to be something very fashionable or trendy. Then, definitely, it must have been the pushy salesgirl who forced you to buy this instead of the sober white buttoned-up shirt you would have bought otherwise.

You had pizza for dinner last night? Great. Oh so my neutral response is not going to dissuade you from telling me the whole story about how it had been such a long time since you last had pizza and you felt your children would also like to have some? Ok sure, go ahead, finish your story. But please for the next time remember that you do not need to justify your decisions or actions to me or to anyone, just because there is a slight chance that they rose from something more than just ‘need’.


The insufferable desire to appear better than others: Or better than you actually are. I might do a whole post on this later at some point. For now, just a little rant. We allow our lives to be dictated more by what we want people to think of us, rather than what we actually want for ourselves. It is understandable to not want to discuss your failures or mistakes in public, but why do you need to misrepresent so severely that it almost seems like you’re leading a double life? One inside your house, and one outside. One for yourself, and one for the people you want to impress. Are you really that unhappy with who you are? Then would it not be more fruitful to channel your energy in attempting to lead a life about which you will not feel the need to lie?



 Copyright © 2014 Infrequent Ranter


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